Meet the Team

Meet the Team



Height: 16 hh
Colour: Dapple Grey
Age: 8 Years
Breed: Percheron 1st Cross
Character: Cornoa is a mare and has been with us for a year. She is a bit blonde as mares normally lead the herd but Corna in lightening storms will run at fences and try to hide. The crew will follow. We normally find her and the herd in the next door neighbours paddock hiding. She is a fantastic ride though!



Height: 16.2 hh
Colour: Chestnut
Age: 10 Years old
Breed: New Zealand Stationbred
Character: Paddy is an ex-hunter, having been a ‘Whips’ horse for three seasons. He is forward moving and so keen to please. He makes an experienced rider smile.


Height: 15 hh
Colour: Liver-chestnut – white blaze
Age: 7 years old
Breed: Arcadian Stationbred
Character: One of a few mares on the property, Pisa is born and bred in the Paradise Valley. She is a quite mare that loves our full day/multi day rides. She loves treats and happy for children’s cuddles.



Height: 14 hh and growing
Colour: Paint (Tri-colour)
Age: Rising 3 years
Breed: Registered Drummer Horse
Character: Rock is to be moved into Harness this Summer and start doing some light work. He is going to be a gentle giant, with a soft personality. He is one of only three Drummer horses registered in NZ. His breed are used to carry the large Drums in the Queens Parade (England)



Height: 16.3 hh
Colour: Grey.
Age: 6 year old.
Breed: Irish Hunter.
Character: Brought as a 3 year old unbroken. Shows potential as a dressage or Hunter. Snoopy loves longer rides and also getting his muzzle into everything hence his name. Snoop needs his cuddles and will play and annoy his co-workers. Always needs something to do. Lazy, but a funny horse.



Height: 14.3 hh
Colour: Chestnut Paint
Age: Rising 4 years old
Breed: Standardbred/ Pinto
Character: Solly is one of our youngest. He is broken-in to both Harness and Saddle. For such a young boy he is so mature in the head. Nothing fazes Solly and he is our number one carriage horse. Although he will only be in light work because of his age. Incredible horse and will be with us for a long long time.



Height: 14 hh
Colour: Blanket Bay
Age: 7 years old.
Breed: Appoloosa
Character: The tragedy of losing one of NZ top Rodeo riders and Saddle Makers, Spike came to us. He was breed for Barrel racing and Rodeo work. Spike loves Mustering and our multi day rides. He enjoys a challenge and loves experienced riders. A nice forward moving horse that will take on most things.


Height: 16.3 hh
Colour: Solid Bay with blaze and white socks.
Age: 6 year old
Breed: Mount Linton Stationbred
Character: Quiz came to us unbroken and only recently gelded. We have got him under saddle and out on the trails. He is huge, having thrown the Clydesdale side of his breeding. Great man’s horse and will go and go and go.


Height: 14.1 hh
Colour: Chestnut with blaze.
Age: 6 year old.
Breed: Quarter Horse/Arab cross.
Character: Rusty has energy to burn. He is a wee power pack. Kind and cute. His favourite things to do is go muster up cows and multi day rides. Enjoys the more experienced rider.


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